Why DABW? Who DABW?? “Well”, it all started with Bill and Dorothy needing to set up a business vehicle through which all of the charitable works that they do, together with all of the accelerating activity and support from friends and family in the QLS team and Forever Living Products, could be channelled and managed. Dorothy and Bill’s love, together with the two other trustees, of caring for others less fortunate, in particular children, yielded the creation of the DABW Foundation.

The charitable trust was formed which would develop and support projects, where there was significant need, by carefully considering then financially supporting them.

The first project undertaken by the DABW Foundation was the funding of a fresh water well in a village in Malawi, Africa CLICK HERE to find out more.

Care more than others think you should.

Risk more than others think is safe.

Dream more than others think is practical.

Expect more than others think is possible.

Welcome to the DABW Foundation

"Just a small dream"

...that’s how it all began, Bill and I wanted to help people build their lives and develop their own dreams. We wanted to help children to receive the happiness they deserve, then we met a wonderful woman from Malawi. She shared with us her dreams for her village in Malawi and that was the beginning of it all.

We shared those dreams with a handful of like minded people, Jayne Leach & John Curtis, Richard Davies, Paul Barradell and Philippa & Robert Symes.

Now we have started on the journey there is so much to do and with your help we will build those dreams for those village people in Malawi

Dorothy & Bill Wood

Latest updates...

• School Project - handing out new exercise books

• Balloons to play with? Whaw!

• and bubbles a new kind of playtime

• Football crazy! Now with their own identity thanks to friends of DABW

DABW Foundation is a registered charity No. 1116288