Well project...

There, in a remote village called Kanyenda, in the district of Chiradzulu, DABW has funded the building of a fresh water well. It is our first 'funded project' as a charitable trust, with others being considered currently.

The hard earned money of our Friends given generously, has provided the means for these village people to drink clean and healthy water. YOU are amazing friends.

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A special thank you from a very special nurse.

“Loving Friends, I and the people in Malawi (Kanyenda village) have never seen a kindness like this before. Your generosity to people you have never seen amazes me.

It is like living in a dream land, people in my village are drinking clean water without having to travel a long distance.

The children within the burns unit at the Kamazu Central Hospital who are using the Aloe Gelly tube are experiencing a very quick recovery hence shortened hospital stay.

On behalf of my people, and myself personally, I would like to thank everybody for the time, skill and finances that have made all this possible. Thank you for your continued support. I have never thanked God enough for making it possible for bringing Dorothy and Bill Wood, and their family into my life. They made it possible for me to get in touch with you, the wonderful FLP family unto whom I am very grateful.

Once again, thank you."


Dorothy Wood, everyone’s favourite Forever person, was recovering in hospital having had extensive surgery. On opening her eyes for the first time as the anaesthetic receded, she saw the beaming face and beautiful smile of her nurse, Otilia Kang’ombe.

After exchanging names Dorothy asked her where was she from, had she heard of Aloe Vera in her country and would she like to take a PUPP (products pack) home with her that evening to play with. A few days later having had more time to get to know each other a little better, Otilia was sponsored into Forever Living Products as an Assistant Supervisor. This is how their friendship began. They talked about Otilia’s home life in Malawi. One of the facts that came out of the conversations was that Otilia was saving hard earned UK income each month so that in 18 months to 2 years time there would be enough money saved to afford the construction of a fresh water well for all the people in her village. Dorothy asked Otilia “would you like the well available next month, because I know some amazing people in Forever Living. "They will help you get your well." This was said of course with complete conviction and confidence. Then without further ado Jayne Leach, Dorothy’s daughter brought the situation to the attention of Forever Living Products friends attending a Jan Ruhe training weekend. The request was for us all to stop sending flowers and get well cards and wishes to the hospital and instead donate some money to getting “Otilia’s Well” fund underway. It was amazing, the idea of building a well just rocketed ahead. Ideas for raising funds were discussed and actioned over the week-end. Within those two days the magical figure of £2000 had been achieved to everyone’s delight.

At the beginning of August Otilia went to her home in Malawi to see her family, with the necessary money for the Well, plus some medical supplies for the local hospital's burns unit.

By the time Otilia left around the end of August, to return home to the UK, the worked had been completed. The second attempt at drilling to find water was successful at a depth of 44 meters, As she left her village the well head had been put in place with the surrounding area being finished off in concrete to make it safe. Clear cool water was being pumped out and used in her village for the very first time ever. Can you imagine how that must have felt.

Jayne, Dorothy’s daughter, and Otilia at Kanyenda’s well

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