Schools project

Observing serious needs, as we did during our June 2007 visit to the local schools, we set about the huge task of making small incremental improvements such as:- 1. Paint the walls to brighten up the 1st Kindergarten and 2. Replace the cement floor which was all broken and therefore very dusty and dirty and 3. Create steps up into the 1st Kindergarten, as entering and exiting was a daily difficulty for the “littlies” 4. Get desks made by a local carpenter for the “littlies” so that they did not have to sit on the cold bare floor 5. Then we got our UK sponsors to provide parcels of clothing for the 0 to 15 year olds 6. We also provided some excitement at school by providing lots of footballs and skipping ropes which meant that attendance would improve dramatically, simply to play with the same. 7. Ordered some 40 desks for Standard 1 class, to be made locally again, which meant that students would not have to sit and work in the dust on the floor. 8. We found a 2nd Kindergarten which required that the roof be made safe immediately. 9. It also needed doors to be made and fitted to the existing doorways, so that it would be more difficult for the “littlies” to wander off at their leisure and provide the teacher with a little more control of the class. 10. Some wooden benches have been ordered and will be made locally for these “littlies” to not have to sit on the floor either. 11. In the near future we will also provide some boards and easels for outside teaching as well as exercise books. Their schooling system is significantly different to that of our own her in the UK and we are busy learning these differences as fast as we can so that our work and support in this project is both appropriate and meaningful, in the local sense.

Before……. And After (below) some DABW  TLC

A community project.....!!

DABW Foundation is a registered charity No. 1116288

Students are proud to carry their new desks into school from the lorry

School assembly – to thank us for remembering them

Amazing experience, just being in the middle of 860 happy children.”


On their way home from school - bare feet through seriously dangerous undergrowth

Carpenters making Standard 1 desks. Note the building behind them is in serious trouble – his workshop!

Next we need some benches...

Enthralled at hearing our words being translated for them