Maize Grinding Mill

This project was started due to the need for creating a small, self contained, community business for the villagers.

In the past the women of the villages carry, inevitably on their heads, carry a lot of maize to the nearest and working grinding mill to have it ground into a powder to make a porridge type of dish called “Sima”. An essential daily food for all Malawians. It is eaten at least once every day, so the demand for such a facility is great. The journey can take the ladies up to 2 hours on foot with a baby on their backs also. Then there is the return journey with the same weight on their heads. It is just in a different form, now being a powder. Depending on the size of the family this whole process could be completed a few days later once more.

So to ease this burden and provide an ongoing business for the village community we have embarked on building their own local grinding mill.

The pictures show the brick being made and then left in the sun to dry before being “fired” in a kiln made at the same site a few days later when 20,000 bricks will be ready. Each brick is hand made from the fine soil, being the vegetable garden now “donated” by the home owner. Water the other ingredient is brought to the site from the river nearly a mile away by the women in tubs carried on their heads.

So the community is contributing to their own futures. It should be finished and working by the end of September 2009.

There will be further pictures loaded up shortly after that date.

Making bricks for the new maize grinding mill... Water carrying ladies, from the river to the brick makers.

Hand made and cooking nicely in the sun

2000 bricks a day, - in blistering heat

When the baby is hungry it slides around to the front of Mum and hey presto, breakfast, at 5:45 a.m.

2000 bricks a day, - in blistering heat

This was once her vegetable patch

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