Health Facility

A note from Dorothy Wood, November 2006.

There are not enough words to thank you all for your support for our project in Malawi. Each and every one of you has in some way made a difference to the lives of these wonderful people. It will be their thanks and not mine that will have the most effect on you. I heard Rex Maughan say many years ago ''Care more than others think you should.'' It had a profound effect on me as I know it has on many of you and to see the people of Malawi enjoying cool clear water for the first time made me realise that a lot of people giving a little bit can make a massive difference.

The next project is a Health Care Facility which will provide nursing care for up to a thousand people. Can you imagine having to walk miles in the heat of the day with your child or elderly relative to get even the simplest treatment in a hospital many miles from your home. I can think of nothing more exciting than being able to provide these amazing people with the basics on their own doorstep giving them the chance to help themselves and those around them. With your help and support we now have £7,000.00 towards this next project. I believe we need £20,000.00 at least to start building and I know by June DABW will be out there changing lives.

November 2007 Update:-

• Land of a suitable size has been acquired for the Health Facility project and the Maize Grinding Mill project. Fantastic.

• A feasibility study has been initiated to provide DABW with a cost estimate of getting an electricity supply made available in the village.

In September 2007 Richard visited the district hospital...

They ask us for Aloe Vera and they got Aloe Vera Gelly tubes

Prep for imminent surgery, in the corridor???!!

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