There are many ways listed below that you can use to donate to the DABW Foundation, our charitable trust. However, if you cannot find a way that suits you below then simply contact Richard with your details, he will sort it out to your complete satisfaction.

Option 1 - Money / any Currency / Cheque

Option 2 - DABW Direct Debit forms are available by contacting Richard Davies.

Option 3 - Valuable objects, for auction by DABW

Option 4 -  FLP products, for us to assist medical establishments that we support (for example Aloe Vera Gelly tubes)

Option 5 - Regular Giving, a very important element of our program. Supporters who make regular monthly donations are also vital to DABW because they give us a clear idea of future income. This means that we can, not only support projects with capital funding (lump sums), but with a secure income stream also, to supplement wages of a nurse or a teacher etc. when such circumstances are found to be in need. We are currently looking for a regular monthly contribution total of £2000 per month.

Could YOU help with some regular giving?

We Thank You.

DABW Foundation is a registered charity No. 1116288

So here we all are waiting, what’s next? Insatiable inquisitiveness

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